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Sessions and/or retreats, 10 October 2015 – 22 November 2015, Nerja-Malaga


I will be available for sessions, and retreats with individuals, couples and small family and work dynamics during my stay in Spain.

For those of you that have not done personal retreats with me and with this teaching our meetings will focus on expanding your personal qualities, as well as becoming aware and learning how to possibly over come any limiting behavior and challenges of life and life’s transitions.  This personal mental and emotional transformational work will facilitate and improve your personal relationships at the family level as well as relationships at your workplace and your community.

For those of you that are working with others, as teachers, therapists, coaches, and or in a business function working directly with others, this ‘check-in’ will prove to be beneficial.  I’m becoming more aware that we humans are constantly being challenged to change our relationships with others at home, work and or social/work relationships and it all starts with becoming aware and making unlimited changes in yourself.  By doing a retreat during my stay in Spain it will give you an opportunity to expand and create a more effective and loving communication for better relationships that are based on unlimited mental and emotional connections at home and the workplace.

My availability for sessions and or retreats in Nerja, Malaga, Spain, just South East of Malaga, which is an hour drive from the airport in Malaga, will be from October 10 to November 22, 2015.

If you want more information of the exchange and the availability of retreats send me an email and or call.  I work with individuals, couples and small family/work dynamics.  My emphasis is creating what you want in life by using techniques in Solution-Focus Therapy, Yoga Therapies, as well Emotional Intelligence, IQ, in creating a deeper awareness for yourself and others at home, the workplace and your community.

We all want to be happy, don’t we?  If you are not, or have consider more happiness in your life especially with relationships, call me or write me and we can talk about creating change for your self and others around you.

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