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Posts from — June 2012

About being sensitive of Heart…


Hello Men and Women that care about Men, I’ve been absent for a while due to some health issues and other wonderful circumstances, but, I’m back feeling better than ever and wanting to start this men’s blog again.

Let’s start with something seen on Facebook, about “being sensitive and having a big heart.”  A lesson that I feel is very important for men to understand and live from, rather than from the shame that may come from expressing sensitivity and caring from the unconditional.

The blog was put on the back burner last year due to my move to the Southern Coast of Spain.  I then had a flare up of the Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, CLL, which was a result of spraying Agent Orange while flying helicopters for the US Army in Viet Nam.  It was recommended that I begin chemotherapy, and after completing my last round in December, I’m now cancer free.

I then fractured my Achilles tendon two days before Christmas in a freak accident.  After having surgery in January and realizing that there are no accidents, I stopped doing what I was doing, and went inside to collect as much as I could, of many years of being and living outside myself.

Today, while browsing Facebook I came across the above poster that got my attention.  This caption brought to mind the absence to the men’s blog, as well as the need for submitting new copy to keep men and women connected so that men can create a more empowered emotional awareness.  I got motivated, and realized that it was time for me to get back into action with the blog, and decided to start with this poster.

With that in mind, what do you men and women think about men being sensitive and emotional?  As a young boy and man, I was taught to control my feelings and emotions; at that time it was seen as a sign of “strength” for men, the crying and expressing from one’s emotional body was left to the women.

From this individual’s perception, it’s perfectly acceptable for humans to be emotional, and especially to express that to others.  In order to be healthy emotionally, men need to express freely about what they feel about things in life that affect them emotionally.  By doing this, it creates more freedom, and a healthier mental, emotional and physical body.  Something experienced just last year as I healed from chemotherapy and surgery by connecting, and expressing what I went through.

Men, have you ever apologized for being emotional, or too sensitive?  Have you held back from expressing from your sensitivity of heart?  What do you feel about being strong of Heart, rather than of Mind?

Women, what do you think/feel about men who are connected to their feelings and emotions and can express that to you?


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