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Posts from — July 2011

Comparison, Competition, and Judgment

Three compromising partners nourish the victim in most humans, comparison, competition, and judgment.  When one compares, and competes with others, judges one’s self and or others; one can easily fall into being the victim.

The victim is that one that blames others, one self, and or both, and say’s, poor me you’re doing this to me.

I’m aware of how this fatal trio works against the individual freedom of humanity, as well as cultures through out the world.

The solution, for those that choose to be free of this shortcoming, is to simply bring awareness to any comparison, competition, judgment of self, and others, without putting words to describe it, and or giving to much energy, or going into action about it, but instead, choose forgiveness, and acceptance as much as possible, for them, and for your self.

Be vigilant about measuring up to anybody, and or trusting anyone else’s comparison, competition, and or judgment about you, to affect you in any way, and always, always, stay clear of gossip of self, and others.

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July 15, 2011   No Comments