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Posts from — June 2011

A copy about men and women working together without comparison, and competition…

Hello Men, and Women that also read this blog for Men,

I’d like to ask you a question, why is it so difficult, and awkward for women to accept compliments from men?

Since I’ve been in Europe, and I must say that this also happens in America, I’ve met women that for the majority have struggle with compliments.  Not that I’m passing them out every time I meet, and or see a woman, but just when I recognize something unique, positive, and special in each, as I do with others in my life.  It seems that some women get defensive, and some even attempt to make me wrong for passing on a merited compliment on to them.

Is this a cultural transmition pattern issue, that’s been passed down from generation to generation, or is it because they have little self-esteem, and or maybe because they have been used by men before through their compliments and they have not healed that in them?

My other deeper question to you men, and women reading this blog, is do I need to shut my self-expression duo to one of their fears above, or do I keep living my truth irrelevant of their fears?

Fortunately for me, while co-facilitating a workshop alongside a woman colleague, just last week, I was shown how brilliant it is to be met by a woman that can not only accept compliments but can work in conjunction with me without comparison, competition, control and manipulation.  She was not submissive, but contributed equally with the development, and teaching.  I was taught a wonderful lesson about true equality, and presence of both genders, while teaching, and setting an example.

I have never felt as supported, as well as having the opportunity to support her equally, truly in an equal partnership.  We converged equally from setting up the material for the workshop, to the teaching of the subject during the workshop; all flowed, easily, and was delightfully fun, and very fulfilling, to the participants, and to me.

Can you say that about your partner, and if you can’t, what can you do about it?

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June 9, 2011   No Comments