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Posts from — May 2011

An apology to Women… from Conscious men…

Hello Men,

I am attaching a Youtube.com link that we men need to see.

Dear Woman You Tube Video – Link/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_uRIMUBnvw

As you look at it,  ponder which woman or women that you need to ask for an apology. This apology will arise from a past in living life through comparison, competition  and judgment.  It also may spring from  your involvement in war efforts for economic or capitalistic reasons. Once you have done that, look inside of yourself and ask your own feminine for forgiveness for not listening to its emotional wants and desires and for mostly living your life to date from your mind’s needs.

This is the apology men need,  asking for freedom from controlling, judging and persecuting women in this dream of humanity.  Each of us needs to develop a deeper connection with our own feminine, our emotional feeling body.  From this place, we can move forward into honoring all of ourself,  in our body, mind, emotional body and our connection to the greater Self.  Let us start from our own dualism,  from our feminine through our feeling emotional body into eventually acting and reacting from our own mind, our true masculine.

I love and honor you women and men, as I love and honor the masculine and feminine in me. Remember, men and women, together we can make miracles with our lives and within the greater collective humanity, as well as with planet Earth.     Luis Molinar

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