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Living Life from the Seat of Your Pants

The theme for yours truly in today’s blog, as well as what’s been in most of my life, that keeps coming up, which must mean that I still need to learn how to live it, has been surrendering to life’s universal wisdom, through one’s openness, and flexibility.  In other words, leaning how to follow the signs and guidance of the energy of the Universe, as well as of the internal emotional, and mental mind, of one’s self.

I had recently been living in the South West of the USA, holding up in a nice environment, mostly out of fear, of once again venturing out of my comfort zone, keeping life, in a continuous monotony of the past, and not deciding on doing something different for my self, and what I teach.  Besides all the labels of what I teach, what I really teach is learning how to be free from one’s own fear, and, I was not living my teaching, that would be to follow my bliss, and the guidance of this creation we call life, through the universal energy, as well as my own guidance of that in me.

From this observer point of view, the universal energy I am referring to, can be seen and felt in life’s own path that is normally shown to you through all the choices one has, moment to moment.  The important thing here is knowing when you need, and want to go into action when an opportunity is presented to you by the universe through others and your surroundings, and or knowing when not to go into action out of your real deep knowing.

Does one sit, in inaction, and watch it slip by, or does one go into action irrelevant of its outcome, and fear held in one’s own mind.  If you don’t choose to go into action, you may be living life stagnant, stuck as well as creating more fear from your inaction.

I’m sure some of you reading this may say, “Sure easy for you to say, I’ve got responsabilities to others, family, job, community, etc…” and yet, who are you truly responsible for, and to whom, really?  Yes, of course some have duties that keep you happy, happiness being the main ingredient here, if your happy doing that for others, then keep on being happy, but if your not, then when will you break away from that, as well as taking those willing to go with you?

I feel that I’ve been blessed in that I’ve been living a lot of my life, and especially these past three to four months, by the “seat of my pants.”  Flying from one’s own seat of your pants is a pilot’s expression referring to flying an aircraft not by the instruments provided for Instrument Flight Rules, established by the Federal Aviation Administration, in the USA.  On the other hand, what the aircraft manufacturer recommended.

However, flying the aircraft by the feeling you get in response to a movement on the flight controls, a maneuver, and or flight correction, and the crafts response, along with the weather conditions affecting the flight of the craft, is a very different experience.  It is literally feeling this exchange of movement from the aircraft and you, from the seat of your bottom.  That’s where the expression, flying by the seat of your pants came from.  Something we pilots flying in the South East Asia years ago, did more often than not, as I’m sure many in certain flying conditions are doing now.

This feeling acquired while flying an aircraft especially in combat situation, where at times you had to act on your own instinct, brought about a more intuitive sense for most pilots.  In this state, the pilot, had to be aware of the conditions of one’s own emotional state, as well as the crew.  In addition, the pilot had to not only be connected to the aircraft, but also be concerned of things out side of the aircraft, and of course the ever changing weather conditions.

This skill that was created through a survival instinct by each pilot, created a kind of sensitivity, which was brought about through an insight, a gut reaction that could have only be felt in the moment, and not have been thought about from experiences.  This sensing, this feeling was later developed by many pilots, and brought into their present life to what many do now in life.  For most it heightened their personal relationship’s with partner, family, work situations, developed skilled with hands on operation capabilities in their professions, such as artistry, professional flying, crafting, teaching, and guiding others with life transitions.

Some took this sensing ability to others in form of helping, and assisting others, in creating deeper emotional skills, in learning how to manage one’s feelings and emotions especially those that have learned so well to hold them within, and that at one time could have been projecting onto others in a limited way.  These new emotional tools, and techniques are also been taken to individuals developing a greater emotional responsibility to self and others, as well as in the business, organizational management, specifically in the human resources arena.

My question to you reading this blog is when, and where have you seen your self follow your mind in all your doing, to over power the will of the greater emotional energy that governs so much of who you truly are?

When have you missed your calling giving to you from the universe, and or from that part in you that knows what’s right for you, over your minds thinking that’s living in fear?

In an unlimited way, when have you chosen your intuition over your hard driven mind in making appropriate decisions for your self, family, work environment, and community?

Write us and tell us of your experience, you may reinforce someone else that may be going through the same experience.  Go ahead, go into action and share, people reading this would appreciate reading your contribution, I know I would.

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