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Posts from — March 2011

Moving my place of residence…


My apologies for not posting new topic’s for this men’s blog, but I’m moving my place of residence, and I need time to make changes, I’ll be posting something new with in the next few weeks.

It seems that this move has brought about a lot to ponder, specifically about men becoming more in balance between the mind, and heart.  Knowing when to follow the mind in what the mind thinks it needs to following the heart, in what you feel you want, moment to moment, to eventually coming to a place where one uses both in following one’s calling, and not one over the other.

Thank you for checking in, try again in a few weeks.  My very best to you, and remember the life you live is yours to change, as you feel fit to do so…       Luis Molinar

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March 16, 2011   No Comments