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Posts from — January 2011

Do Men have Feelings and Emotions?

Why of course, men have feelings, and emotions, what we may want to better ask is what do men do with their feelings and emotions?

Hold them, stuff them, that may eventually take them to abuse drinking, and drugs, to relieve the pain.  As well as take part in other limited addictions and patterns that keep the feelings and emotions in control, and deep in each one, that may ultimately take one to explode with anger and rage toward one self, and possibly to others.

Another way to deal with your ‘emotional body’ is to become emotionally responsible with what may be growing internally and limited in you, that by now may be imploding in you.  To do this one needs to learn how to be aware, of one’s feelings, to eventually express them, moment to moment.  This can take you to repair those wounds that may be creating the restriction in you, as well as eventually stop attracting limited energy from the Universe.

What men need to understand, is the difference between expressing from the mind, such as the story, and the event, to expressing the feeling from what the event and or experience brought about in you, and your, feeling body.  In other words, how do you feel about that past event and or experience?

We know the power of the word has energetically for humans, in using unlimited words to enhance anything in you, which attracts the same from the Universe.  Conversely, when you use, and hold, limited words, and energy, you create more of the same, by asking more of the same from all around you.

What men may want to do is connect to the feeling body, own, each feeling as best you can, so that you can express it from the feeling body, and not from the limited repetition of the mind, that just creates more of the same limited energy, right back to you.

A limited expression may sound something like this.  “You hurt me when you said, or did ‘this or that’.”  As apposed to, “When you said or did ‘this or that,’ it brought up an old wound in me that was created when I was a child, and consequently, something that I need to make good in me.”

What feelings are you dealing with right now that needs to be shifted and repaired in you?

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