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Posts from — October 2010

New Post for Women: Woman Teaching Men How to be Men for Them

Dilemma: Have you noticed how some women, when in relation with a men, want to change, and or modify the man into something they want for the man to be for them?

Have you also noticed how some woman’s motherly instincts, takes the woman from supporting her son, to her male partner, in guiding the “boy becoming man” in being a man for her, other than for him self?

Have you seen control issues coming from the woman’s fear, in teaching the “boy becoming man” how to also live in her fear and control?

Or maybe you have seen how the “boy becoming man” is not able to be a man for him self, and succumbs to the woman’s guidance before looking within to find out what he wants in life?

Situation: When the “boy becoming man” has not connected with his own power, he will let the woman, now maybe more like mother, control him into being something for her, that may not be his own choosing.

Question: Would this be an issue for the woman wanting something different for her man partner, or an issue for the “boy becoming man”, that let’s this happen to him in the relationship with a woman partner?

Conclusion: “Either way, how would one resolve this with partner?

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