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Posts from — June 2010

Man Asking for Help

I’ve been reading your blog, and I find it very valuable.  I’ve been reluctant in coming forth with my partnership issue, but now I think its time for me to do something about my present situation.  Frankly, I need help, and after your last subject on the blog, about, Why is it so Hard for Men to Ask for Help, I knew I needed to write this.

I’ve been married for over a decade, and during our initial relationship, and after our marriage, with the persistence of my partner, I started giving way to her decisions, and direction.  It was just too much of an effort to say no, and or attempt to convince her other wise, then and now.  It feels easier to let her have her way.

I’m realizing, as I look back, that my lack of expression of what I wanted, or thought would be right for us, my partner took the lead and made choices for me, and the family.  It felt easier then, not to make waves but just let it go, but now after all this time, it’s becoming unbearable.  She bosses me around insensibly, driving me crazy at times, as well as setting a bad example for our two boys.  When I try to stand up for my self, I feel that her demands get worse, and once again, I give in to her.  It’s unbearable at times, and I’m feeling resentful, and at times I see my self-getting deeply angry.

I know, I sound pitiful, and at the same time, I don’t’ know how to stop it, except walk away from the marriage, abandoning my two boys, and I don’t really want to do that.  Do I suck it up and stay in, walk away from the marriage and my two boys’, or some how get her to stop behaving this way toward me?  Any suggestions?

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June 24, 2010   No Comments