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Posts from — April 2010

Characterization of a Woman of Need or Wanting

Hello Men and Women that Love Men,

A friend sent me this quote that she said has helped her develop her own sense of Self, that I wanted to share with you reading this men’s blog.  Let me know what you think…          luis

“I’m reminded of something I recently read in a book from one of my English classes, The Coldest Winter Ever. The author, Sister Souljah, explains her characterizations at the end of the story, and one of them is about the mother in the story, whom the author had not named.  She was known as Mrs. Santaiga; only the wife of a man, nothing more, no delineation of an identity outside of her man.  So in explaining this, the author writes:”

“When a woman meets a man of interest, she should already be somebody. She should not just be a sitting duck or a dandelion waiting to be plucked. She should not be waiting for his ring to turn her into a woman. She should not be waiting for his money, promises, adornments, or lifestyle to turn her into a woman. In fact, if she is clear and whole, her agreement to join her world to his should add something to the equation, instead of her just being absorbed, then blending in.”

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