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Posts from — February 2010

The Importance of Men’s Emotional Clearing With Father

Since doing this men’s work for my self as well as with other men, I’ve found that when men, including my self, don’t clear our sentiments and anger issues with our father’s, all of that, that is not connected, owned, and expressed to clear that dynamic, gets projected on to someone else.  This limited projection is normally directed to a male authority figure in the man’s life.

In my attempt to clear this in me, I suggest to men reading this blog and or doing this work with this men’s teaching, is to see what’s between you and your father that needs to be cleared and healed.  You may also want to see what you may be projecting on to other men that hold a place of authority in your life such as your boss, clients, older friends, teachers, and or therapist, to take that back to you, by owning, and asking for forgiveness for any of your misinterpretation.  Your judgment, critic, may be toward father, and now you, that may be carrying the same limited pattern’s as father.

Remember men; there is nothing outside of you, just your projections of what’s not healed in you.  So if your are reacting in a limited way to a male figure in your life, that may be holding authority, check your unhealed dynamic with you and your father.  You may find the discrepancy is not with the man of authority and you, but all along with your father.

What has not been said between your father and you that may need to be said for your healing?  Remember men, we can say anything that feels and needs to be said, with kindness, compassion, and love.  If you don’t have these three qualities, I would suggest for you not to say anything, but keep exploring, connecting, and owning your wounds with your father….             luis

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