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Posts from — December 2009

Got Stress?

Has the holiday season got you stressed? Here’s a few steps that may help you cope with some of the tension that’s associated with this time of the year. I’m aware that for my self, as well as with men in general…we men are stressed when we get to busy and we don’t take care of our selves.” During this holiday, you may find that you are doing more for others than for your self, and consequently, not having enough time for doing things for “Self.” You know, those things that feed you and help you, especially during this hectic time of the year.  Follow these easy step to release stress and let you be more in the moment:

1. If during this holiday you are with family, friends, or alone, take time for your Self by giving your self 10-15 minutes of meditation time daily, in doing “the not doing,” and just let your self be with your deeper Self, that part that exists past the victim and judge in your mind.

2.  In addition, gift your self, with at least 45 minutes of doing the Magic Four Yoga posses… you remember, the Slow Motion Dive, Thread the Needle, The Lunge, and the Reverse Twist. You want to this these posses every time you feel your shoulders literally up to your ears, and or have pain in your lower back, hips, neck, and shoulders that come from tension. My suggestion, when you feel that tension, stop what ever your doing, and do the 4 magic yoga posses that will relieve your contraction due to stress. If you want to be prepared for the day, my suggestion would be to do the Magic 4, early in the morning before your day starts.

3.  In addition to the practice mentioned above, check in on a regular basis to see how you are feeling, physically. Ask your self, “how’s my physical body feeling right now,” look, feel, with-in your physical body to see if there is a feeling of contraction any place in your body. Once you detect that point that’s contracted, bring your attention and the breath, that you have inhaled through your nose, to that spot that’s holding the contraction, visualize the breath encompassing that place that holds tension and possibly pain, and then as you exhale the breath, visualize that contraction go with the breath, as you let your self unwind. This will leave that place in you, more relieved and relaxed than before. Do this until you don’t feel that contraction any more.

4.  Then ask your self, “how I’m I feeling emotionally right now,” knowing that when we don’t tend with your limited emotions they will affect your physical body, “ask your self, I’m I fearful, sad, resentful, happy or in joy?” If your answer is limited, go into that feeling to see what’s the issue behind it; follow that limited feeling as much as you can to the cause, reason, for that feeling in you. Then once you connect with the root of that feeling, or as much as you can, see what needs to be done to resolve that issue, and if you can resolve that issue now, then do it as soon as possible. If you need to talk to someone about what needs to be done, do it then, or need to make a phone call, do it then, and or write it down for feature action. If you can’t do anything to resolve it, in that moment, and have done everything possible to alleviate that issue, then let it go, and focus your attention to something unlimited, such as your happiness and joy of that moment.

If you are having difficulty connecting with the feeling in you, keep trying. Don’t give up; continuity is essential as you start to unlock that side of you. Once you do, you will start to become more emotionally responsible for your self. As you prepare for the day by doing the Yoga posses, and continue to check in to the condition of your physical and emotional body throughout the day, you will be able to connect and release any tension that maybe stored in you and ready to reveal it self, willingly or unwillingly, you can be preventative or reactionary, your choice.

Most of all men take care of your Selves have a wonderful, safe, happy, and joyful holiday, blessings to all… luis

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