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Posts from — October 2009

Looking at Men’s Issues…

Hello Men,

Please look at attached video about men’s issues by witnessing what some say about men’s issues by using subjects that women have been questioning for some time.  Please keep in mind that I’m asking this not for you to bring about a comparison and or competition between men or women, but for you to inform your self of what information is out there about men’s and women’s issues, from a perspective of someone’s point of view about some men’s issue’s.

Once done, let us know if you agree, disagree, or have some issue that you feel are important to you that was not mentioned. Check it out for your self by going to…

A Quick view of Some Men’s Issues

Remember that your comments count, also see Article page on www.toltecheartwisdom.com/ for articles for men such as “A New Meaning of Courage For Men Living in Heart,”


Or see “Luis Molinar Meeting,”


Also, be in the look out for a preview to the new men’s book coming out very soon and featured in this blog and web site.  Know that I respect you and send you my best regards…         luis

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Losing your Key, your power.

I wanted to post this article of what happens when a man in relationship with a woman looses his power, or as Rafa saw in his dream, loosing his “key,” to follow, The Pre-Domesticated Man. (See: www.empoweringmen.com/page/4/) but missed posting it, my apology for the delay. Enjoy!

luis i was touched by the email u sent about the man who gave up himself unconsciously to his wife… and i was touched also by some of your words like domestication.. giving up ones soul to make peace … i had a powerful dream ago about losing my key.. and not caring for it.. that someone else if one is not powerful enough or conscious enough , will pick it up.. our key. our power.. and that is a most horrible thing for a man.. seems as if this man had given his key to someone else.. perhaps to make peace.. in my experience i have found that women will pick up your key if one leaves it around .. after that dream i kept my key very close to me… it is my key ..not the wife, sister or mother as you wrote… it will be interesting to me if you tell me what happens to that man now that he has realized something so vital to his being. especially his being as a man.. when i realized others were in control of me.. and in speaking that as i took back my key my power my source all fucking hell broke loose.. my twin sister turned on me with darkness, my mom also.. my adopted daughter .. and others .. but i had no choice really that once i saw clearly that i had left my power so carelessly unguarded that others would be happy to pick it up and when they did.. all true masculinity vanished..  i think domesticated was the word used by you… and in my opinion a man does not do well being dominated unwittingly by anyone , especially the feminine .. anyway, let me know please what happens to this man.. if he picks up his key and holds it tight to his breast and then awakens, he may have hell  to deal with… that would be interesting to me if you report what happened when a man awakens in this manner…  rafa

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Living and Healing Anger

Has the emotion of “anger” gotten in the way of old and new relationships in your life? Has it affected your life in creating a less meaningful existence for your self and others?

Here’s what a great philosopher said about anger:

“Anyone can become angry – that is easy.

But to be angry with the right person, to

the right degree, at the right time, for the

right purpose, and in the right way, this

is not easy.” Aristotle

Anger has been an extraordinary emotional process since starting this self-development work, decades ago. The process of “being angry,” and or holding anger with-in, has assisted many men, including my self, in seeing, accepting, and most importantly, helping one take responsibility for actions that came from unhealed wounds. One can do this by first starting to perceive anger in a very different way than in the past.

As the awareness of “self-sustainability,” on an emotional level, becomes more apparent to each individual, and eventually for the development of the community, and humanity in general, one can start to discover how to use the energy of anger, to recognize other feelings that would in turn help you develop a deeper awareness of your own emotional state. I found that when I control my limited emotions and kept them with-in, this emotion of anger, and its limited energy, asked more of the same from the universe, and when I expressed the pure limitation of anger, it frightened people and eroded trust in relationships.

I know now, that anger existed for a reason, and not something to be put aside but to let your self-listen to that in you, with out projecting it to others and or making your self-wrong. With this new awareness, and in time, it will most likely take you to your limited emotions, giving you an opportunity to manage them properly through the recognition and owning of each one. I like to see anger, as a positive thing, like an emergency warning light in your mind that senses something is not right in you, and in that particular moment. Remembering, that there is nothing out side of you, but your perception of what you see and or hear, that is been guided and directed by your own unhealed wounds.

This awareness can be a catalyst for change and even a good self-motivator in getting any job done. Handled poorly though, anger, can affect relationship, and eventually health problems. For those who didn’t have positive role models for anger management while growing up, dealing with self-anger can be confusing and at times very difficult. One could benefit greatly by knowing how to deal with this powerful and potentially destructive emotion.

With time and consistency, along with this teaching of healing wounds that bring about anger, one can start changing one’s perception of your self and this human dream by first learning how to express your anger with kindness, compassion, and heart, and use it for a good purpose such as strengthening your relationships with your self and others.

Anger used for a positive action can be a good thing to manage for everyone concerned. From the pep talk the coach would give to the loosing football team at half time, to the briefings we would receive as pilots flying combat missions over seas, we learned that expressing anger in appropriate ways communicate one’s strong feeling’s about the importance and magnitude of the mission or situation. Expressing anger too much or expressing it at the wrong time desensitizes others to what you may be feeling, making it hard for others to understand you, as well as taking you genuinely.

Using a strong emotion like anger to benefit your relationships will take time to master. There is a lot of preparation for this particular strategy and it all starts by first by being aware of your own anger to mange it accurately.

Learning to create a deeper emotional awareness to those places in you that spew out and to what degree, from a little frustration to what sends you reeling and out of control, is imperative. In putting this into effect, one can start by writing these moments of anger in one’s own journal and or personal list, from the little aggravation to what set’s you out of control, to help you start to own each one. We know that denial can some times sustain our victim stance, and therefore, one needs pure honesty in evaluating each emotion and consequence.

You can also start collecting examples of “what” they are and “how” it feels in you, when you are stuck in this limited energy. As you write these feelings, actions, and events of anger, it will also help you create a deeper awareness of that anger that exists in you. As one learns how to express one’s anger, one can benefit one’s self from speaking from the witness in you and not from the victim that say’s, poor me, they are doing this to me.

Establish when you should exhibit your anger based on the principle that if it’s shared, it, will actually improve your relationship with that one person and or grouping. As you look at your choices, be very aware of others involved, understand their denial and or vulnerability as well as to their responses to what you are attempting to express.

We have to always remember that relationship management is about making right choices and acting with the purpose of creating honest, and deep association with your self and others in relationship. In doing this, you need to first be honest with self, and then with others, which can mean that some times you use anger with an unlimited purpose.

One may have to learn that when one is not able to express with “kindness,” “compassion,” and “love,” you would be better off not saying anything at all. That’s when you either see a professional, and or work with a therapist that gives you the opportunity to learn how to speak from this place of compassion, and kindness in you. The more opportunity you have to express from this place, your true anger, the more you will decrease the pressure built up in you.

Humans are all in process as long as we are in body, the more awareness you have about your own emotional intelligence, the better, and happier you will live your life with your self, your beloved, family, and community. As long as you are connecting, owning and expressing your anger in an appropriate way to your self and others, you will be releasing limited energy that create explosive encounters with your self and others. This will also help you set good role model for your community.

Anger is something that we need to learn how to connect with in us to expose, and express from heart, for our selves, and others from a place of the unlimited source that exists in each one of us. We must remember that anger is an emotion, and that an emotion is pure energy, and we know that energy can be transformed from one state to another.

So, I ask you men, how is your anger factor? Are you ready to live life from a happier and more fulfilling place, by managing your emotions that create an explosive and unpredictable behavior that comes from wounds that create anger in you?

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