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Developing Self Stalking Skills

Last week an apprentice to this teaching started a Stalking group in Galway, Ireland.  To support this effort he has written a brief about the principles of stalking one’s, limited action, reactions, and thinking, that keeps coming up from unhealed wounds still living in us.  You see when one repeats the limited pattern that keeps adding limited energy to that same pattern, it will perpetuate it self and can even ask same kind of energy from the universe. as well as creating a pattern of repeating the limited action, reaction and or limited thinking.

If you want to change your behaviour pattern of limited thinking, acting and feeling, follow these easy and yet difficult steps, in tracking and refraining from any limitation that may energetically living in you. That’s the importance of having a leader and group share experiences of their individual stalking process in keeping each one participating in group, and in track.

Enjoy and happy stalking…        luis


Dear All,

I’d like to share an experience that presented itself a few days ago –

I was told a story where someone I know had paid in full upfront for wedding photos and a video for the event that occurred over two years ago. The Photographer has still not delivered and his response to any enquiry for an update is I’ll get on to it, but then nothing happens. I found myself immediately becoming very angry, how dare he do this! Immediately I wanted to see action I was telling them what they needed to do to sort this grave injustice out! I couldn’t fully understand why I was so set alight but I recognised it, its effect on my happiness and that it had nothing to do with me.

Sitting with the anger I came to realise that this was a trait of one of my parents; ‘The Judge’ leaping into action at a whiff of injustice for ‘The Victim’ the common man, ready to do battle. I had taken on this trait a conditioning from my up bringing. In shining a light on this I realised that there are no victims he wouldn’t be doing this if they weren’t doing it to themselves, if they couldn’t see this too bad and not my business to show them. In recognition the anger I was feeling subsided and my personal freedom a little freer as another piece of conditioning is put aside.

There are 5points to Stalking

  1. Awareness – recognition that something is going on
  2. Staying with it – remaining actively aware of the pattern
  3. Refrain – consciously choosing not to engage in the limited pattern that one would otherwise have gone into.
  4. Remembrance – of what you are i.e. that you are not these limited patterns but much more that you are Life!
  5. Patience – you are not always going to get it, you are always doing the best you can.

In the above I was not aware enough to catch myself in the moment. The awareness came in after or during my buttons been pushed. But I was able to connect with it and reflect after the fact. In this way I am doing the best I can and in connecting afterward was able to see the message in the experience.

In the group setting we look to connect with the five steps. The group has a loose structure with some basic direction but really what needs to come up at the time will and all benefit from the experiences and support in sharing. Comments and suggestions are always welcome ensuring that all who attends gets what they need on their own individual path.

For those of you interested in learning how to stalk the mind through the emotions and benefit from the support of a group setting the Galway stalking group will be held next Thursday 30th July.  Hope to see you sometime soon!

Regards Jason.


The key point in this very powerful process is the first and second steps.  Becoming aware of your own feelings and emotions and staying connected to that feeling in you, before your own mind avoids what you may have been holding to a new topic. This “sense,” feeling, intuition, is the warring light of your own mind telling you that something is not right in you.  Let’s face it men, most of us were not taught how to connect, own and express our feelings, consequently, this to me is the most challenging part of the process.

Connecting to that “anger” that Jason talks about, owning it as much as possible, and then expressing it with kindness, compassion and love.  The more we stalk our self and refrain from that limited pattern the more we heal that wound in you that brings about the anger, sadness, judgement and consequently the victim.  An additional information that the Stalking Process give us is the awareness that we may be ready to Recapitulate our energectic self in creating an energetic balance with-in.

When connected with others doing this work for them selves, through the sharing, discussing the process on a bi-weekly meetings, can bring clarity and support during your own process in becoming the best Stalker for your Self…            luis

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Men’s Emotions

On October 6, 2008, I tragically lost my wife. We would have celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary in three months. We were to many of our friends and family the perfect couple. We had a wonderful marriage, raised two great kids and were experiencing the joy of being grandparents. We both retired young and had spent the past ten years traveling the world, exploring and enjoying life. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. After two lumpectomy operations, five weeks of radiation and being put on medication, she was declared cancer free. The ordeal of battling the cancer, concerns for her health and the side effects of the medication began a spiral of depression that we were not prepared for. I took her to twelve doctors over the next 6 months. She had MRI’s, X-rays, brain scans and blood and urine tests with each specialist. Over the next two years nothing helped to reduce her anxieties and phobias. She became severely depressed and suicidal. She ultimately took her life, ending her pain and suffering. I was left to try and deal with the pain due to the loss of my wife, lover, mother of my children and the most important person in my life. I felt many emotions especially guilt, sorrow, pain, agony, loneliness, and more. I had to be strong for my children and her family. I had to be strong for myself. I cried and I experienced feelings I have never felt or was willing to show before this tragic event. I am still dealing with these feelings and emotions. I will for the rest of my life. But I have gotten through these hard times with the help of family and friends and here is one example.

I helped to organize a reunion of some of my buddies from the helicopter company we all flew with in Vietnam. This is a group that I can only describe as “Brothers”. We have known each other since flight school, shared the experience of war and have kept in contact over the years. We lost mutual friends in combat, protected and covered each other, and in some cases put our lives on the line to save and protect each other. We truly were each other’s “wingman” in war and throughout life. These were the men I could turn to whenever I needed help of any kind. We spent two days in Biloxi, Mississippi at the reunion laughing, joking, harassing each other and enjoying being together. It doesn’t matter how long the separation, we take right up where we left off the last time we were together.

After Biloxi four of us went to New Orleans to continue our reunion and for our return flights home. We decided to meet in the lobby of the Sheraton Hotel where we were staying for drinks and to start our fun night in New Orleans. At this point I need to tell you a little about the men in the group. I am using our helicopter company unit call signs instead of their real names. J.R. is a big, strong retired sergeant in the county sheriff’s department. Hack is a construction project manager. He has always been a big tough man’s man. Dude after years as a successful businessman is now a leader of men’s encounter groups and one of my closest friends. Me, I’m Spider Man, a retired business executive. Together we have multiple awards of the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart, Air Medal for Valor, Bronze Star, and more than a hundred Air Medals awarded for the combined 3000 hours of combat flight time. I’m not sharing this to brag, only to let you understand the background of this group of men. They are men of honor, duty, and integrity.

We met in the lobby for drinks and to continue the reunion. I shared the ordeal of my wife’s death with my friends. Each of them shared with me their feelings, emotions and thoughts about my wife and me. Each of these men shared with me their love and offer of support as I made this journey of recovery. I began to cry as I truly felt the love I was receiving from my brothers. Soon we were all crying as we shared how much each of us meant to each other. This was all being done in the lobby main bar at the Sheraton Hotel during Happy Hour. Everyone in the bar couldn’t help but notice the four grown men crying, hugging and laughing. I’m not sure what people were thinking as they observed us, but I didn’t care. It was the most moving emotional, spiritual healing experience of my life.

Before this experience, I didn’t think I could feel closer to these long time friends than I already did, but I was wrong. The openness that we were willing to share our feelings, emotions and thoughts took us to a new level of brotherhood. I, and I hope each of them, came away knowing that my bond with them is stronger than ever. I can only say, “Thank You and I love you Brothers!”

Spider Man

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