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Posts from — April 2008

Men’s Path of Empowerment

This men’s path is based on the ancient Toltec path of Freedom and Remembrance as well as the path of connection to the mind and emotional body, in one’s “thinking” and “feeling,” in one’s “doing” and “being.”

This path of expanding one’s consciousness guides men to a place of Remembrance of the real Self to one’s own Truth, past the masks, images, and limited behavioral patterns that have been created through the domestication process born out of fear.

Through the mastering of awareness, men can begin to gather energy for them selves to live a more authentic life as well as to connect equally to one’s own “duality” of mind and heart, in expressing one’s self in a healthy, and loving way.

Men find this work a foundation for creating “self-containment” and balance by accessing the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies. Through a safe and connected circle, men develop trust and an experience of support, which allows men to uncover and experience a healthy personal connection and expression to self and others.

One objective of this men’s work is to develop “Conscious Discernment,” in order to create choices that support one’s selves, our families, and our communities. Sharing and support through the circle provides clarity around personal issues creating a deeper bond with other like minded men and one’s Self. Another objective is to create more awareness and personal freedom.

Some of the exercises and processes used and not limited to are:

  • Creating awareness to the Conscious Discernment process of right choice and action.
  • Developing a deeper awareness of each man’s duality of Mind and Heart.
  • Forgiveness exercises, helps develop self-acceptance.
  • Specific techniques help access the competiveness in each man that can be used to strengthen personal will.
  • Yoga and free movement creates fluidity and flexibility in the energetic and physical bodies.
  • Ceremony and ritual creates a deeper connection to the spiritual body.
  • The ancient Shaman’s Journey, through drumming, connects men to deeper realms of awareness.
  • Learn new way’s of communicating from a place of kindness, compassion, and love.

Men today need, more than ever, to be connected to their hearts and minds, equally to participate fully in a new world vision for peace and wholeness. It is a brave man who has the courage to step forth and claim himself fully, mentally, and emotionally, rather than follow the limited roles that he has been given.

This warriors’ path of the heart and mind is a foundation of each man within, from which he can come forward, to step into the world truly as him Self.



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